How do I measure my hat size?

Measure our head where you expect the hat to sit. If you don't have a tape measure handy, use a string, then hold it against a yardstick. Measure with care, as hat sizes are only about 1/2 inch apart.

Size Size
Small 7 22" 56 cm
Medium 7 1/8 22 1/2" 57 cm
Large 7 3/8 23" 59 cm
X-Large 7 5/8 23 1/2" 61 cm
XX-Large 7 7/8 24 1/2" 63 cm
What does "One Size" mean?

It does not mean "one size fits all." We make our one size hats to comfortably fit a Small to Large head size. Sometimes this is a feature of the shape or softness of a hat, sometimes a feature of an elasticized interior band.

We also build size adjustability into most of our hats. Riverz hats and folding fedoras feature a hatband with a cam lock buckle which can be loosened or tightened almost a full size. The leather chincords on the sun hats and on Rustic and Scout Western hats can be adjusted to refine fit.

We offer hats "one size" as a convenience. If your head measures outside the Small to Large range, please call and inquire as to whether we can make a particular style in your size.

How packable is "packable"?

We design the best hats for travel and leisure, for sun and weather protection when and where you need it. Most of our hats are packable, whether crushable, rollable or foldable. Some hats, particularly the sewn fabric hats and the crocheted straws, are completely crushable and can be stuffed into pocket, tote or pack.

We block straw and felts soft. Many are designed to fold in half and then roll or to gently fold and stow. We put a thin plastic wire into the brim edge of many of our hats so that the brim wants to come back to round after packing. Generally, the slight distressing of a packed hat enhances its character. If a hat takes on too much character, it can be restored by holding it in directed steam for a few seconds, then reshaping. Pack into luggage gently.

How do I roll my hat?

(1) To roll your hat, imagine a line running from the front to the back of the hat.

(2) Collapse the hat along this line by gently pushing one side of crown into the other. If you have done this properly, you should have what looks like half of your hat.

(3) Gently roll the hat up into a cone.

Hat Rolling Diagram
How do I clean my hat?

Light soil can be removed from a panama hat with an art gum eraser. Most straw hats can be spot-cleaned with soapy water. Fur felt can be brushed, and the surface refreshed with steam. Riverz hats can actually be totally immersed in water. Most of our cotton, fleece, and velvet hats can be washed.

If I order a hat and don't like it, can I return it?

Of course. Please call us for return authorization. We'll need your credit card and expiration date to credit your card, and we can't refund the cost of shipping.

I'm having trouble navigating the site or placing my order.

Just call 800.452.4287. We'll be happy to help you, and if you find a problem, we'd like to know.

The site says "usually ships within 5 business days". What does this mean?

Since we make the hats, they are not always on the shelf. While we can often ship the same day, sometimes it takes a few days. Please note that we ship from California. Depending on where you live, UPS ground shipping time may take up to another five business days.

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