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On this Earth Day we remember our dear friend Edgar Wayburn who died a year ago, big hearted and sharp of mind at the age of 103. Ed was responsible for saving over 100 million acres of parkland. A recipient of the Medal of Freedom and five time president of the Sierra Club, Ed mentored generations of environmental activists.

Edgar Wayburn
Ed is seen here wearing San Francisco Hat Company's Joe Fedora.

Edgar Wayburn

Edgar Wayburn with Greg Moore, Executive Director of the Golden Gate National Parks Association on the occasion of the dedication of the Doctor Edgar and Peggy Wayburn Redwood Grove at the Presidio in San Francisco, California held on October 11, 2006 shortly after Ed's 100th birthday. Nancy Pelosi, a long-time friend of Ed's, led the dedication.

San Francisco Hat supports the Pacific Forest Trust, a group dedicated to sustainable forests founded by Ed's daughter Laurie Wayburn and Connie Best.

Stout Retail Association Pays Us A Visit

When the Stout Retail Association, a student academic organization on The University of Wisconsin-Stout campus, visited the San Francisco Bay area, they asked for a tour of our studio / factory. It was lots of fun for us to show off our facility to such an enthusiastic, appreciative group.

Jenna Lampe, who coordinated the event, wrote us, "What an amazing little surprise for us, we wore our hats home on the plane today. Thank you for having us and informing us on so many aspects of your company, we all loved it!"

Front Row from Left to Right- Amy Kolias, Jenna Lampe, Tara Bartolomeo, Alexia Sebesta, Maria Osenberg
Back Row from Left to Right- Rianna Segner, Chelsea Ademino, Brianna Person, Sabrina Eggersgluess, Melissa Schaefer, Mandi Anderson, Amanda Dols
All wearing our Cadets and Go-Go's

Weathering the California Cold Spell at Scandic Springs

Elba wears a Cadet
Frank wears a Driving Cap
AJ wears a Devon with ear flaps down

Riverz™ TechStraw™ hats are designed and built to be expedition worthy. No part is too small for our attention. Take the chin lock slider for example. We disassemble and re-manufacture each slider, adding a custom-made spring to ensure peak function even in the presence of river sand and mud.

To engineer and make this precision spring, we turned to our neighbor Scandic Springs, a manufacturer of custom springs and stampings since 1969, supplying customers like Cisco, Apple, and Tesla Motors. Scandic is also a leader is sustainable manufacturing and gets 80% of its power from its new photovoltaic roof. To keep everyone on the job comfortable (and smiling), Scandic president Hale Foote treated everyone to a warm San Francisco Hat wool cap. He says, "The hats have been very handy during the recent cold spell!"


The Hat Factory's Machine Wizard

Why is your order late?

Because the dog ate the compressor - which power the hat presses. It's a good thing we keep Bob Dobbel's card taped next to our door. Bob is a retired power plant operator and self styled machine wizard (not to mention youth camp volunteer, cook and email blaster).

Bob's standing next to mothballed vintage cast iron 120+ year old M.A. Cuming & Co. hat blocking presses.

Photographer Steve Traves kayaks in his Riverz Outback

Steve Traves saw Stefan's name in the exhibitor directory at Outdoor Retailer show, found the San Francisco Hat Company booth and tapped his old University High School buddy on the shoulder. Steve's wearing a Riverz Outback. Note the beautiful paddle. Steve made it himself. Here is his description of the rig he used to take this picture.

the weather just got better. The air is cooler but the water is still warm so I went out for a nice morning paddle. Came up with a better way to take pictures too. I had an old light-weight aluminum mono-pod about four feet long on my little quickie digital camera and managed to get some better pics than before when I did hand-held."

Photo Location: Jewfish Kay, FL

Giants World Series Champions 2010

Congratulations Giants!

Thank you “cast-offs and misfits!”
"A bunch of misfits," is how manager Bruce Bochy describes his players, who can often be spotted mingling and drinking with fans in the bars of the bay. Their baseball isn't always pretty, and often it's downright nerve-racking; seven of their 10 play-off games so far, against the Atlanta Braves and then the Phillies, have been decided by a single run. More than once, they've got lucky. But the human chemistry is perfect. The misfits fit together wondrously.
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